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2003 Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Calendar of Events

January to April

(updated 4/22/03)

GREEN is the next scheduled paddle, BLUE is the next Club meeting, YELLOW is a Special Event, GRAY is history

Unless stated otherwise, all groups should be assembled at the start point by 0900, and launched by 0915 at the latest. Depending on the length of the ride, car poolers should have their boats set up and ready to leave the launch area a half-hour to a full hour before the launch time - call the Trip Leader to find out.

Date Event See Note Below   Tides Rating Leader

 Sun 12 Kawai Nui Marsh "Overland" - Launch at 8:30 from Buzz's Steak House (Lanikai), head across Kailua Bay to the canal, up to the Marsh, and return via the flood control channel to Buzz's for lunch - 5 mi RT
Also: Start of 2003 Progressive Fishing Contest See Rules 

L6:35am H9:48am


Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
 Tues 14 Steerage Committee (Planning) Meeting - Hu & Tsuji Offices, Fort St - 6:30 pm Agenda: 2003 Budget

Co-Chairman  Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
 Sun 19 Waikiki Swim Club Magic Island Race 7:00 - 9:30 AM - volunteers in kayaks needed to help with calm-water swim portion - get free T-shirt!  

H4:26am L11:43am


 Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
 Sun 19 Kahala (Waialae B.P.) around Diamond Head to Ala Wai boat ramp, with an optional leg going on to Keehi Lagoon - 5.5 / 9.5 mi - [14/A2]  

 H5:03am L12:18pm


Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net /  Jeff Aurrecoechea 368-3891 cel / 261-3154 hm
Tues 21 Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Brian Suyeoka on bass fishing - kind of like fresh-water wahanui, I guess. Guest fishing kahuna Dan Holt will assist him

 Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
 Sun 26 <Paddle Clinic #1> - Super Bowl Surf Clinic at the Mokuluas - meet at Kailua Boat Ramp [29/E2]  

H5:50am L9:14pm


Chuck Ehrhorn et al 395-6180

 Sun 2 Lake Wilson Bass Fishing Tournament - Sorry, CANCELLED - too much weed in the water.




Brian Suyeoka 927-3644 BMAO(at)hawaii.rr.com
 Sun 9 "Weed Out The Wimps & Watch Out The Whales" paddle - Makapu'u to Hawaii Kai - Meet at 7:45am at Makai Range Pier for the car shuttle. 9.5 mi. [22/E1]


L5:21am H8:14am


Gary Budlong 737-9514 gary(at)gobananaskayaks.com
 Sun 9 St Valentine's Day Biathlon (Waikiki Swim Club) 7:00 - 9:30 AM - volunteers in kayaks needed to help with calm-water swim portion - get free T-shirt!  

 H3:27am L10:31am


Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com 
 Tues 18 Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: <Paddle Clinic #2> Gary Budlong will do a demonstration of kayak-packing methods, in preparation for the coming summer trips, as well as the impending visit to Kapapa Island.

 Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
 Thurs 20 - Mon 24 Off-Island #1: South Shore Kauai - max. 8 paddlers  


 3 to 4

 Alan Calhoun 621-6146 kayak-fool(at)hawaii.rr.com

 Sat 1 - Sun 2 Night Fishing and camping practice on Kapapa Island. Launch from Heeia Kea canoe hale at 2:30pm 5 mi. RT [37/E2]   

H2:15pm L9:21am H2:22pm


Gary Budlong 737-9514 gary(at)gobananaskayaks.com
 Sun 2 Circle Rabbit Island and Black Island from Makai Pier - surfing and snorkling - 4 mi. RT [22/E1]  

L9:25am H2:55pm


Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
 Sun16 St Paddy's Day Paddle: Heeia Kea boat harbor to Kualoa B.P. Brief stop at Mokolii (Chinaman's Hat) for a hike to the top for lunch. [37/E2] 7 mi.  

L8:24am H1:51pm


Bob Walls 247-2415 wallsbob(at)hawaii.rr.com
 Tues 18 Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Joe Hu will show ACA videos and talk about kayak safety (is that an oxymoron?)

 Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sun 23  Keehi State Boat Ramp ("Tank Farm") to Ewa Beach B.P. - a looong carpool! Meet at 8:00 AM at Ewa Beach Park [95/F1] Call for details 7.5 Mi. [5/D4]  

H7:30am L1:21pm


Steve Harris 226-2006 sharris(at)lava.net
 Sat 29 <Tentative> Kerry Cloward Fishing Tournament - (used to be the James Sutherland Tournament) Postponed - New date: June 28   .



 Sun 6 "Hui Buoy and Breakfast Bonanza" - Kaimana Beach Hotel (San Souci) out to the Diamond Head Buoy and back to the Elk's Club for breakfast [13/E1] Call Gary by Wednesday if you want to join in - he needs to make reservations. 3 mi. RT  

H6:04am L11:49am


Gary Budlong 737-9514 gary(at)gobananaskayaks.com
 Tues 8 Steerage Committee (Planning) Meeting - Hu & Tsuji Offices, Fort St - 6:30 pm Agenda: Surf Aloha Competition; adoption of By-Laws

 Chairman  Jane Skanderup 239-7007 jskanderup(at)yahoo.com
 Tues 15 Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Lyon Johnson will show us what it's like to kayak, hike and explore in the Azores

Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
 Fri 18 - Sun 20 Easter Campout & Bonfire - - - See details
 Sat 19  Kualoa B.P. to Kahana Bay [42/A3] 6 mi.  

 H4:18am L9:57am


 Tim Sawyer 230-8989 sawyert001(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sat 19  <Paddle Clinic #3> Paddling skills workshops, starting 3:00pm at the campsite  

L9:57am H531pm 

 1 to 5

 Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
 Sat 19 Waikiki Swim Club "Fin Swim" Race - Magic Island 7:00 - 9:30 AM - volunteers in kayaks needed to help with calm-water swim - free T-shirt!  

H5:36am L11:15am


Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
 Sun 20 Annual Easter Egg Chase, Easter Bonnet Contest, and Potluck Pigout  

 H4:41am L10:31am

 Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net

When given, map references (i.e. [22/D3] ) are the page number and grid coordinates of the launch point. References are to "Bryan's Sectional Maps of O'ahu", any recent edition.
Times for
high tide and low tide are adjusted, to the best of my ability, for the area of the launch

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Paddle ratings are for average weather and ocean conditions, and are often unscientifically assigned and arbitrary. It is up to each individual to assess the conditions prior to the time of launch in the light of their own experience and ability, and decide whether to go or not. If you decide to go, you must sign the trip roster and read the waiver. No signee, no launchee. In the event of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA) or higher wind warning**, the Club-sponsored paddle is officially cancelled.

Trip leaders should get a copy of the release/waiver from Joe Hu at the Club meeting or click here for an online version you can print out.

"Steerage Committee" meetings are held once every three months on the second Tuesday of the quarter, except where otherwise noted, at the Law Offices of Hu & Tsuji, Rm 910, 900 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu, at 6:30 pm. These meetings are for the Officers and Advisory Board members to discuss business and decide future activities for the Club, and they are open to any Club member in good standing who has a paddling-related issue to be dealt with outside the forum of the General Meetings. Talk to any Club Officer for details.

**As broadcast by Radio WBA on UHF weather channels 1 or 2, or announced the night before on commercial television.

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Some Common Abbreviations:

BP - Beach Park
RT - Round Trip distance
SBH - State Boat Harbor
SBR - State Boat Ramp
SRA - State Recreational Area
TBA - To be announced
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