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2005 Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Calendar of Events

September to December

GREEN is the next scheduled paddle, BLUE is the next Club meeting, YELLOW is a Special Event, GRAY is history

Unless stated otherwise, all groups should be assembled at the start point by 0900, and launched by 0915 at the latest. Depending on the length of the ride, car poolers should have their boats set up and ready to leave the launch area a half-hour to a full hour before the launch time - call the Trip Leader to find out.
See bottom of calendar for explanation of tides, ratings and map references.

Date Event See Note Below   Tides Rating Leader

Sun 4
Kahana Bay to Malaekahana State Park - Outside the reef - Due to typically rough conditions, paddlers must prequalify with Jeff or Tim. Optional early takeout at Hauula B.P. (6 mi. point) Carpool leaves Kahana (ocean-side parking lot) at 0830 [46/F1] 10 mi.  

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Jeff Aurrecoechea 368-3891 / Tim Sawyer 330-1108 sawyer(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sun 4
(Labor Day) Rough Water Swim in Waikiki - 15 volunteers needed to escort swimmers - free lunch & T-shirt. Meet at 8:30 in front of Hilton Lagoon (Rainbow Tower) Please call Joe well in advance (before Aug 15), with your T-shirt size.
 Paul Tibbetts 734-5518 tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com
Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sun 11

Fri 16 - Mon 19
Off-Island: "High On Hilo" - Big Island luxury tour : the Club has rented a house in Pepe'ekeo (north of Hilo) that will sleep 10-12. The group will ship boats over by barge, fly over early (Rally! Rally! Rally!) on Fri morning and do day paddles in the Hilo area - itinerary to be determined in situ. Sign up early.

Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
Tues 20
Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Joe Hu will show photos from the recent Circle Lanai - also: Nominations for Club Officers for 2006, elections will be next month.

Joe Hu, Pres. 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sat 24 and
Sun 25
Coconut Island Service Project & Overnight Stay. Has been postponed
Kevin Ching 947-4526 chingdds(at)aol.com

Sun 2
The 6th Annual Kaneohe Yacht Club / Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Annual Kayak Papio Fishing Tournament (KYCHWKAKPFT) - Prizes, food & fun! Starts at KYC boat ramp at 0700, fish until 2:00 pm. But wait! This year is different! Details and registration forms are available here. Rules are here

Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com / Doug Peebles 247-9966 douglas(at)douglaspeebles.com
Sun 9
New York International Triathlon - volunteers in kayaks needed as course marshalls/lifeguards for the open-water swim portion of this huge event. You get a T-shirt and the Club gets $500 for helping. First heat starts at 6:30 AM and goes until 11:00. Meet at The Natatorium at 5:30 (because of traffic/parking issues) and bring a life jacket, sunglasses and sunscreen.
Gary Budlong 737-9514 (work)
Sun 9
E-Z Gliders #4: Maunalua Bay (Hawaii Kai) to Waialae-Kahala Beach Park. Postponed until February 11
Ann McLaren 945-9902 anniemckitty(at)verizon.net
Mon 10
(Discoverer's Day)
Sun 16

Tues 18
Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Joe Hu & Chuck Ehrhorn on their separate North Maui trips - also: Elections of Club Officers for 2006
  Joe Hu, Pres.
528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sun 23
Lake Wilson (Tentative)  
Leader Needed
Fri 28 - Sun 30
Once and Future Paddle Leader's retreat: a combination campout and brainstorming weekend at Kualoa State Park (Campsite 'A'). All members welcome who want to have input into the schedule-making process - what kinds of paddles, how many, what days, li' dat. Friday night camping optional
Joe Hu, Pres. 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net

Thurs 3
Steerage Committee (Planning) Meeting - Hu & Tsuji Offices, Fort St - 6:30 to 8:30pm - Agenda: Election of Board Chairpersons; 2006 paddle schedule  
Sun 6

Makai Range Pier to Kailua Boat Ramp, with a stop at the Mokuluas for snacks and surfing. Carpool will leave the pier at 8:00 AM sharp 7.5 mi. [22/E1]

Aerial photo:29Kb AerialPhoto:116Kb


Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
Fri 11 to Sun 13
(Veteran's Day Weekend) 3-day campout at Kapapa Island (Kaneohe Bay) Night fishing, surfing, snorkelling. Meet at Heeia Kea Pier canoe hale at 2:00 PM Friday, group leaves at 3:00 PM. You can come out at any time to join in. 5 mi. RT [37/E2]  


  Steve Harris 226-2006 sharris(at)lava.net
Tues 15
Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Club member Pat Brady will give a slide show on her kayaking trip in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Also: introduction of the new 2006 paddle schedule

 Joe Hu, Pres. 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sun 20
"Clean The Stream" - Kahana Stream brush clearing party - Bring machetes, shears, saws, first-aid kit, etc and meet at Kahana Valley State Park parking lot (near the mauka restrooms) at 10:00 am.


George Shoemaker 237-8992 geo_shoe(at)email.msn.com
Thurs 24
(Thanksgiving Day)
Sun 27
"Castle Swim" race at Outrigger Canoe Club      
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sun 27
"Up the Creek with Jungle George" - Kahana Stream, from start to finish, with a hike at the top. Meet 0830 at Kahana Valley St. Park parking lot. [46/F1] 2 mi. RT, not counting the hike.


George Shoemaker 237-8992 geo_shoe(at)email.msn.com

Sat 3 and Sun 4
Last Ditch Fish Twitch - Last chance at the Progressive Fishing Tournament trophy. For 2 days, anywhere you chose to fish, on any coast on any island, counts as an official paddle! Honor system rules - call or email Chuck with your tally at the end of the day.
Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
Sun 11
Ewa Beach around Barber's Point to Kahe Point (Electric Beach) - carpool shuttle will leave Ewa Beach at 0800 13 mi. (98/E4 - 95/E1)
Jeff Aurrecoechea 368-3891
Tues 13
Annual Club Christmas Party - Hosted again this year by Kaneohe Yacht Club in their "Longhouse" starting at 5:30 pm. Bring a potluck main or veggie dish, something to throw on the barbie (large outdoor grill available), and a $5 to $10 grabbag gift for the Bag Grab gift exchange melee. There will also be a Photo Contest (pix have to taken this past year on a kayak-related paddle) and the awarding of the Grand Prize (Da Big Ugly Fish) to the Progressive Fishing Tournament (PFT) winner.
Joe Hu, Pres. 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sat 17
Waikiki Swim Club Christmas Biathlon - 7:30 at Magic Is. 2-3 volunteers needed as swim course marshalls - free Tshirt! [11/D4]    
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sun 18
Double Roughwater Swim (DRWS) - volunteers needed to escort swimmers, get free lunch & T-shirt
Bim Bousman 949-4524 bimbousman(at)verizon.net
Sun 25
(Christmas Day)
Sat 31

Happy New Year...

When given, map references (i.e. [22/D3] ) are the page number and grid coordinates of the launch point. References are to "Bryan's Sectional Maps of O'ahu", any recent edition.

times for high tide and low tide are adjusted, to the best of my ability, for the area of the launch. Tides shown in color denote extreme conditions,
red meaning a sub-datum low, and blue indicating a high of more than 2 feet. When both are in color, care should be taken while paddling in river mouths and near bay openings (such as Hawaii Kai and Pearl Harbor). Tide chart graphics are for the Honolulu Harbor, and are not adjusted - windward-coast tides are approx. 1-1/2 hrs earlier than Honolulu. Chart is courtesy Hawaiian Fishing News.A small airplane indicates that an aerial photo of the area is available. Hover to see file size - some can be rather large.

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Paddle ratings are for average weather and ocean conditions, and are often unscientifically assigned and arbitrary. It is up to each individual to assess the conditions prior to the time of launch in the light of their own experience and ability, and decide whether to go or not. If you decide to go, you must sign the trip roster and read the waiver. No signee, no kayakee. In the event of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA) or higher wind warning**, the Club-sponsored paddle is officially cancelled.Trip leaders should get a copy of the release/waiver from Joe Hu at the Club meeting or click here for an online version you can print out."Steerage Committee" meetings are held once every three months, on the second Tuesday of the quarter, except where otherwise noted, at the Law Offices of Hu & Tsuji, Rm 910, 900 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu. These meetings are for the Officers and Advisory Board members to discuss business and decide future activities for the Club, and they are open to any Club member in good standing who has a paddling-related issue to be dealt with outside the forum of the General Meetings. Talk to any Club Officer for details.**As broadcast by Radio WBA on UHF weather channels 1 or 2, or announced the night before on commercial television.

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