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2008 Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Calendar of Events

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(updated 4/20/08)

GREEN is the next scheduled paddle, BLUE is the next Club meeting, YELLOW is a Special Event, GRAY is history
THIS COLOR denotes a Saturday paddle

Unless stated otherwise, all groups should be assembled at the start point by 0900, and launched by 0915 at the latest. Depending on the length of the ride, car poolers should have their boats set up and ready to leave the launch area a half-hour to a full hour before the launch time - call the Trip Leader to find out.
See bottom of calendar for explanation of tides and map references. Click on rating icon for explanation & details.

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Date Event Tides* Rating Leader
Sun 6
E-Z Gliders #1: Kawai Nui Marsh "Overland" - Launch at 8:30 from Buzz's Steak House (Lanikai), head across Kailua Bay to the canal, up to the Marsh, and return via the flood control channel to Buzz's for lunch - 8 mi RTg [28/E1]
This is also the start of the 2008 Progressive Fishing Tournament (PFT)! Read the rules and play to win!
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Thurs 10
Steerage Board (Planning) Meeting - Hu & Tsuji Offices, Fort St - 6:30 to 8:30pm - Agenda: 2008 budget, Easter Weekend plans
Jodi Dingle 951-4360 jldingle(at)hotmail.com
Sun 13
Kahala (Waialae B.P.)to Keehi Lagoon ("Alan's Ramp") - or maybe the other way 'round (Forecast is for winds from the east.)
There is a mid-point put-in/take-out at the Hilton Lagoon (Duke Kahanamoku Beach) for those that don't wish to go the whole distance, but all paddlers must meet at the launch point first at 8:30 to organize the 9:00am carpool, regardless. Photo of launch Point (Alan's Ramp)
10.2 mi. [6/D1]
Steve Harris 226-2006 sharris(at)lava.net
Sun 13
Tentative: Waikiki Swim Club Magic Island Biathlon: 2-3 kayakers needed as water marshalls for early-morning race. Free T-shirt.
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Tues 15

Meeting - Church Of The Crossroads, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Rusty will make a third attempt to show his slides of the very early days of Club activities, not all of which were paddles, by the way.

Paul Tibbetts 734-5518 tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com /Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sat 19 - Sun 20
Kapapa Island Night Fishing. Fishing and schmoozing on Kapapa Island (Kaneohe Bay). Day-paddlers welcome both days, but call Joe by Wednesday if you plan to fish overnight. Check with Joe for suggestions on gear, etc. Shoes or reefwalkers recommended. Launch from Heeia Kea canoe hale at 2:00 pm (meet at 1:00) 5 mi. RT [37/E2] 

Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sun 27
"Weed Out The Wimps & Watch Out The Whales" - Makapu'u to Hawaii Kai - Those coming from Town side may call leader(s) to arrange for a car drop-off at Hawai'i Kai. Otherwise, meet at 8:30am at Makai Range Pier for the car shuttle. 11 mi.g [22/E1]Aerial Photo - 43Kb
Jodi Dingle 951-4360 jldingle(at)hotmail.com /
Gary Budlong 737-8893
Sun 3

E-Z Glider: The Mokes. Will be combined with the following paddle, but surfing not required - just a lazy day in Kailua Bay. Meet at Kailua Beach Boat Ramp at 8:30, bring snacks and/or lunch, perhaps snorkel gear. [28/E2]

See below
Super Bowl Sunday Surfing Clinic - Meet at the Kailua Beach Boat Ramp at 8:30 and head out to the Mokulua Islands for a day of basic surf instruction and then practice with other experienced kayak surfers. Get in shape for the upcoming Surf Aloha competition! If you don't have a good surf boat, contact the leaders in advance about borrowing one. Bring picnic snacks for lunch on the sand beach. No TVs or radios allowed! You can leave at noonish if ya just gotta get back for the 1:15 kickoff [28/E2]
Jodi Dingle 951-4360 jldingle(at)hotmail.com /
Alan Calhoun 621-6146
Sun 3
Tentative: For those of you who don't want to do either of the above paddles, there's the Waikiki Swim Club Valentine's Day "Run, Kiss & Swim" Biathlon: 2-3 kayakers needed as water marshalls for early-morning race. Free T-shirt.
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sat 9 E-Z-Gliders: He'eia Kea Pier to Ahu O Laka (Kaneohe Sandbar, aka Clayton Hee Land). Bring lunch, sunscreen, and an anchor (or lots of rope) . Optional paddle out to Kapapa Island for the Type A's (relaxation-challenged). Meet at the canoe hale by 10:00, launch by 10:30 2 mi. RT (5 mi for Kapapa)[37/E2]
Lois Miyashiro 551-0637 loikake(at)hawaii.rr.com
He'eia Kea Pier to Chinaman's Hat. (Same day and place as the above paddle, but with a carpool) Continue on from the sandbar to Kualoa Stae Park. Carpool leaves at 9:00 AM, paddle starts at 10:00 5 mi. [37/E2]
Jane Skanderup 239-7007
Sat 16 - Wed 20
Off-Island: Lana'i Crossing -Sorry, the Superferry abruptly went on holiday, and the trip is cancelled
Aimee Chiland 545-1987 aimeechil(at)hawaii.rr.com&Alan Calhoun 621-6146
Tues 19
Meeting - Kailua Sailboards "Eco-Lounge" Meeting Room, 130 Kailua Road, Kailua 7:00 PM - see road map here. Presentation: Amanda Hendrickson, a representative from the Waikiki Aquarium will give a show and talk about sustainable resources of the reef, including fish populations, and the national "Year Of The Reef" events.
Paul Tibbetts 734-5518 tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com /Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sat 23
E-Z Gliders: Duke Kahanamoku Beach (Old Ala Wai heliport near Hilton Lagoon)) to Sans Souci and back. Meet in the back of the Ala Wai parking lot at 10:30 am 3.5 mi. RT [12/D1]
Joe Hu 528-3600 advisor(at)aloha.net
Sat 1
Sun 2

No Wimps One Night Campout - "Weed Out the Wimps" with a twist - stop at "2 Beer Beach" (Kaloko Cove) and spend the night (weather and surf conditions permitting) before continuing on to Maunalua Bay Beach Park. Call Chuck by the Wednesday prior, and recheck with him the night before. Carpool leaves Makai Range Pier (Sea Life Park) at 12:00 noon, launch at 1:00 pm - 9.5 mi. [22/E1]Aerial Photo - 43Kb

Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
Thurs 6
Steerage Board (Planning) Meeting - Hu & Tsuji Offices, Fort St - 6:30 to 8:30pm - Agenda: Easter Weekend
Jodi Dingle 951-4360 jldingle(at)hotmail.com
Sun 9
Circle Rabbit Island and Black Island (Manana and Kaohikaipu) from Makai Pier - surfing and fishing. Be ready to leave the pier by 9:00 AM - 4 mi. RT [22/E1]


Charlie Hekekia 259-7190
chashekekia(at)yahoo.com&Steve Harris 226-2006 sharris(at)lava.net  
Sun 16
Keehi Lagoon to Ewa Beach, along the Reef Runway and across the mouth of Pearl Harbor. Launch from "Alan's Ramp" (Sand Island Access Road, first right after the bridge, then right by the Marine Education & Training Center) see map Meet at 8:00 for carpool, launch at 9:00 7.5 mi. [5/D4]
Norm Chun 247-7610 bluec239(at)msn.com
Tues 18
Meeting - Koko Isle Clubhouse, Hawaii Kai, 7:00 PM See road map here. - Presentation: Jane Skandarup will tell us all about the Galapagos and Chile's Torres del Paine. Pls note, this presentation has been switched with April's.

Paul Tibbetts 734-5518 tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com /Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Tues 19 -
Sun 30
Off-Island: New Zealand: Bay of Islands & Northeast Coast - Sorry, this trip is full - try again next year!
Debbie Wheeler 391-9820 wheelerd003(at)hawaii.rr.com

March 21 - 23
Annual Easter Weekend Frolic
- see here for full details.

 Fri 21  Arrive Kualoa BP Area 'A' anytime after noon for family camping. See map. Please note: We're in the Large Group Area again this year, and all of the water activities will (as of this writing...) take place at Kualoa Beach Park

 Sat 22 Paddle: Kualoa to Kahana at 9:00 AM (Carpool leaves at 8:30 prompt!) OUTSIDE THE REEF - because of very low tides, there will not be an Inside-The-Reef paddle, (Outside the reef is rated a 3+) 8 mi.
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Kayaking & paddling skills workshops, starting 10:30 at Kualoa Beach Park

 Joe Hu 528-3600
Family paddle to Mokoli'i (Chinaman's Hat) starts at 2:30 PM
Aimee Chilan
Easter Bonfire & Marshmallow Roast at Kualoa Beach Park
Char & Cinder, the Fearless Scorch Bros.

Sun 23  Malibu Two Races at 9:30 AM (team and relay races!) , followed by the Easter Bonnet Contest, Potluck Pigout, and don't forget the Prizes!
John Enomoto 737-9514
the Easter Egg Chase starts 10:45 AM
Joe Hu 277-3600
Potluck Barbeque and Easter Bonnet Contest at the Main Pavillion at 12:00 noon  
and at 1:00 PM, the Prizes! The Prizes!
Gary Budlong 737-8893
Sat 29 - Sun 30
"Open Ditch Fish Twitch"- Fisherpersons get to pick their own favorite spot to paddle in, and any fish caught count toward the PFT score, as long as you've paid your entry fee, and you report your catch within 24 hrs to Norm either by phone or email.


Fishmaster: Norm Chun
247-7610 bluec239(at)msn.com
Sun 6
"Hui Buoy and Breakfast Bonanza" - Kaimana Beach Hotel (Sans Souci) out to the Diamond Head Buoy and back to the Elk's Club for breakfast.  Meet at Sans Souci by 8:30 AM, launch at 9:00 so we can be back at the chow line by 10:30 You'll need to call Gary or Chuck by Friday to make reservations. Bring a change of clothes. 3 mi. RT [13/E1]
Gary Budlong 737-8893/
Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
Sat 12
Waikiki Swim Club "Fin Swim" - volunteers needed as course marshalls for a 2-km inside-the-lagoon swim race at Ala Moana Park. Free T-shirt! Meet in the Magic Island parking lot by 7:30 AM
Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sat 12
Ewa Beach to around Barber's Point to Kahe Point (Electric Beach) Meet at Ewa Beach Park (at the far end of Fort Weaver Road) at 8:00 AM for carpool, launch at 9:30 13 mi. [98/E4 - 95/E1]
Ed Rhinelander 497-3981
Tues 15
Meeting - Kailua Sailboards "Eco-Lounge" Meeting Room, 130 Kailua Road, Kailua 7:00 PM - see road map here. - Presentation: Chuck Ehrhorn will give a show about "Extreme Kayaking" expeditions, as well as slides on the completely opposite and leisurely "High On Hilo" trip.
Paul Tibbetts 734-5518 tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com /Rusty Lillico 254-4123 lillico(at)hawaii.rr.com
Fri 18
Full Moon and Fireworks - Meet at 6:00 (later sunset) at the "Old Heliport" (Duke Kahanamoku Beach, at the far left end of the Ala Wai parking lot behind the Ilikai Hotel) Bring snacks and drinks, and some way to illuminate your boat for the paddle back. (White is a good color for this, or light blue Cayalume lightsticks. Please, no red or green lights, they confuse the other boaters.). Sunset: 6:52pm; moonrise: 5:46pm - 2 mi. RT [12/D1]
Gary Budlong 737-8893/
Paul Tibbetts 734-5518 tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com
Sun 20
Follow The Leader: Maunalua Bay and surrounding snorkel sights, in and out of the surf. Training in paddling thru white water, plus stops for snorkeling. Start and return to the small beach by the dumpster in the Maunalua Bay Beach Park parking lot. Bring snorkel gear. 1:00 PM launch, no carpool. 5 mi. approx [18/D2]
Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180 ehrhorn(at)lava.net
Sun 27
Lake Wilson - you'll need a fishing permit, whether you fish or not ($5.00 at any sporting-goods or fishing store) as well as a pole (bamboo will do), and a special (free) entry permit for the lake. See notes below for particulars. Meet at the Walker Ave boat ramp at 8:30 AM 4 mi RT, roughly, depending on route and water level... [79/D1]
(See the map -> Aerial Photo: 100KB)
Kate Schalk 235-8654 kschalk(at)hotmail.com
When given, map references (i.e. [22/D3] ) are the page number and grid coordinates of the launch point. References are to "Bryan's Sectional Maps of O'ahu", any recent edition.

When tides differ by 2 feet or more, care should be taken while paddling in river mouths and near bay openings (such as Hawaii Kai and Pearl Harbor). Typed times for high tide and low tide are adjusted, to the best of my ability, for the area of the launch. Tide chart graphics are for Honolulu Harbor, and are not adjusted - windward-coast tides are approx. 1-1/2 hrs earlier than Honolulu. Red bars on the charts indicate the times that the moon is visible for the Islands. Chart is courtesy Hawaiian Fishing News.

A small airplane indicates that an aerial photo of the area is available. Hover to see file size - some can be rather large.


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Paddle ratings are for average weather and ocean conditions, and are often unscientifically assigned and arbitrary. It is up to each individual to assess the conditions prior to the time of launch in the light of their own experience and ability, and decide whether to go or not. If you decide to go, you must sign the trip roster and read the waiver. No signee, no kayakee. In the event of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA) or higher wind warning**, the Club-sponsored paddle is officially cancelled. Trip leaders should get a copy of the release/waiver from Joe Hu at the Club meeting or click here for an online version you can print out.

"Steerage Committee" meetings are held on the first Thursday of every second month, except where otherwise noted, at the Law Offices of Hu & Tsuji, Rm 910, 900 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu. These meetings are for the Officers and Advisory Board members to discuss business and decide future activities for the Club, and they are open to any Club member in good standing who has a paddling-related issue to be dealt with outside the forum of the General Meetings. Talk to any Club Officer for details.

**As broadcast by Radio WBA on UHF weather channels 1 or 2, or announced the night before on commercial television.

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 Permits and Conditions for Lake Wilson Use:
4 requirements

Lake Wilson is a privately-owned reservoir in Wahiawa, Central Oahu, that is stocked, maintained and regulated by the State, specifically and exclusively for use by freshwater sport fisherman. As such, there are several, fortunately easy, hoops you must jump through in order to gain access to the water:

1) You will need a "Freshwater Game Fishing License," issued by the State and available at most fishing-supply and sporting-goods stores like Sports Authority and McCully Bicycle. The cost is $5 for Hawaii residents ($3 for minors under 15), and is good for one year. It is good for fishing in any freshwater location in the State, if you decide to try your luck elsewhere. It is also available online.
Here is a list of the places that sell fishing permits

A new requirement:
2) Henceforth, you must also have an "Entry Permit For Wahiawa Public Fishing Area, Oahu" also available (free-of-charge) at the above stores. This, for some reason, is not available online.

3) A fishing pole (Note: we are unofficially told that this one is no longer required)

4) A life vest

If you leave it to the last minute, you can purchase a fishing permit online directly from the DLNR. You'll need a credit card and a printer, and it will cost you $1 extra per person, but it's instantaneous, and it is good for one calender year (12 months from date of purchase). You may also be able to pick permits up on your way there at Wahiawa Sporting Goods at 571 California Avenue

Hawaii's Fishing regulations are administered and enforced by the Div. of Aquatic Resources (DAR), a division of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). Their site has links to all the State fishing regs, which you should read at some point...

Note: from the DAR website:

• New O‘ahu location for fishing licenses and permits

Effective immediately, commercial and freshwater fishing licenses, along with other aquatic licenses and permits, are being issued at the Division of Aquatic Resources office in Room 330 of the Kalanimoku Building, 1151 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu. Licenses and permits are no longer being issued at the first-floor counters. Hours are 8 am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday, closed on State holidays. Division publications, such as fishing regulation booklets, are available free at the office. The Division's fish posters can also be purchased at the new license counter for the price of $3.

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