2010 Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Calendar of Events

Jan to April

(updated 11/9/11)

GREEN is the next scheduled paddle, BLUE is the next Club meeting, YELLOW is a Special Event, GRAY is history
THIS COLOR denotes a Saturday paddle

Unless stated otherwise, all groups should be assembled at the start point by 0900, and launched by 0915 at the latest. Depending on the length of the ride, car poolers should have their boats set up and ready to leave the launch area a half-hour to a full hour before the launch time - call the Trip Leader to find out.
See bottom of calendar for explanation of tides and map references. Click on rating icon for explanation & details.

Event Tides Leader

Sun 3
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)

E-Z Gliders #1: Kawai Nui Marsh "Overland" - A slightly modified version this year, due to our Distinguished Visitor temporarily staying in the house at the end of the canal:
Meet at Kaha Street Park at 8:30, carpool will leave for Buzz's (near Kailua Beach Park) at 9:00, and we'll launch from Kaha Park by 9:30. Lunch, for those so inclined, will be at Buzz's about noon. There are 2 "portages" around bridges & over berms, so pack light and bring footwear. For the lunch bunch: Buzz's still does not accept credit cards, so bring cash - 3 mi [27/D1] Fly GoogleEarth to Kaha Street Park

Aerial photo: 81 KB

Rusty Lillico 286-6514
Tues 5 Steerage Board (Planning) Meeting - has been postponed to Jan 12 (next week).
Sat 9
Paddle Rating: 3
Keehi to Kahala - Wind Direction is forecast to be westerly, thus the change of direction, but you must contact Steve the night before.  There will be a mid-point put-in/take-out at the heliport by the Hilton Lagoon (Waikiki) for those who don’t wish to go the whole distance, but all paddlers must meet at the launch point (Alan's Ramp on Sand Island) at 8:00 in order to organize the carpool. Launch at 9:00. 10.2 mi [6/D1 or 14/A2]. Fly GoogleEarth to Alan's Ramp

Aerial photo: 71 KB

Steve Harris 226-2006
Tues 12 Steerage Board (Planning) Meeting - Passamaneck Residence, 950 Koae Street, Honolulu - 6:30 to 8:30pm Exalted Chairperson:
Nora Passamaneck
(908) 346-4668

Sat 16
Paddle Rating: 3

A twofer - Weed out the Wimps and Watch Out The Whales (Makai Range to Hawaii Kai) but after stopping for a rest at "Two Beer Beach" (Kaloko Cove), Group 2 (see below) will spend the night camping in the cove while Group 2 soldiers on to Hawaii Kai. NOT for beginners. Meet at 9:00 AM, launch is at 10:00 AM 9.5 mi. [22/E1] Fly GoogleEarth to Makai Range Pier

Aerial photo: 41KB

Rusty Lillico 286-6514
Sat 16 & Sun 17
Paddle Rating: 4 (overnight)
Weed Out the Wimps with a Twist: As above, but at a more leisurely, or should we say staggered, pace: stop halfway at 2-3 Beer Beach (Kaloko Cove) and campout for the night.  Get to Hawai`i Kai on Sunday morning.  Same details as above: meet at 1:00 pm on Saturday, launch at 2:00 PM [22/E1].   Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
Tues 19

Meeting - Location: Paki Hale, 3840 Paki Ave, Honolulu, 7:00 PM - Presentation: New idea: Members' Training! Sit! Stay! - for both old tars & newbies, leaders & paddlers alike will get orientation into means and ways of going on Club outings, including secrets & insights into some of our more arcane events.
Also: a brief synopsis of the recent thoughts & decisions about the Club's insurance policy

Da Prez: Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
Sun 24
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)

Kapapa Island - thanks to the DLNR's seldom-enforced but always-changing rules, Kapapa is now once again selectively off-limits, this time to the very people for whom it was previously reserved - night shore fishermen. Go figure. So, with an eye to being a responsible civic example, we have decided to not spend the night on the island, but instead simply have a leisurely day-paddle.
On Sunday, meet at the He'eia Kea canoe hale at 9:00 AM for a 9:30 start. Itinerary will include Ahu O Laka (the Sandbar) and maybe some surfing on the outside of Kapapa. Snorkling is always a possibility. Bring an extra trash bag in case some trash needs to be picked up.

Rusty Lillico 286-6514
Sat 30 Keehi Lagoon to Ewa Beach Park - along the Reef Runway and across Pearl Harbor Channel. Possible easy kite run for the high-flying set. Long carpool for this one, be ready to leave "Alan's Ramp" (see map) at 8:00 AM, launch is at 9:00. 7.5 mi. [5/D4] Fly GoogleEarth to Alan's Ramp

Aerial photo: 46 KB

Norm Chun 247-7610
Wed 3

Public meeting on future access to Kapapa Isle - If you've been following my occasionally snide comments recently, you've probably realized that the DLNR recently unilaterally declared Kapapa Isle off-limits to camping and night fishing under the auspices of protecting the bird colony there, a condition of coexistence that some have argued has done just fine for the last 1,200 years. They have also recently proposed initiating a community-based "stewardship" program that would set future policy for access permitting, conservation and restoration processes, signage & trash collection, whatevahs. This first meeting is an opportunity for all of us who use the isle as a kayaking destination to be heard, and hopefully be a part of the process from now on.

Meeting details are explained here PDF document 160 KB.

Windward Community College campus, 45-720 Keaahala Rd., Kaneohe, Alakai Bldg Rm 101.
7:00 PM
Sun 7
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
E-Z Glider to the Mokes & Super Bowl Sunday Surfing Clinic - Meet at the Kailua Beach Boat Ramp at 8:00 AM and head out to the Mokulua Islands. Surfing not required, but those so inclined will get basic surf instruction and then practice with other experienced kayak surfers. If you don't have a good surf boat, contact the leaders in advance about borrowing one. Bring picnic snacks for lunch on the sand beach. No TVs or radios allowed! You can leave at noon-ish if ya just gotta get back for the 1:15 kickoff 3.5 mi RT [28/E2]

Jodi Dingle 951-4360 jldingle(at)hotmail.com &
Paul Tibbetts 734-5518

Thurs 11 to Tues 16
Paddle Rating: 4 (multinight camping)
Off-Island: Kauai South Shore -
Sat 13
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium Hard)
Turtletown Tour - Kualoa SRA (Chinaman's Hat) into the wilds of Kaneohe Bay in search of the no-longer-elusive Green Sea Turtle, with a stop at the Sandbar. No carpool. Launch at 8:00 AM from Kualoa County Park Campground 'A' (site of the Easter Frolic). 8.5 mi. R.T. [42/A4] Fly GoogleEarth to the Kualoa launch site Matt Isono 735-3624
Tues 16 Meeting - Location: Paki Hale, 3840 Paki Ave, Honolulu, 7:00 PM - Presentation: West Lana'i - Steve Harris shows slides from the recent day-tripping on Lana'i Island Da Prez:
Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
Sat 20
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
Magic Island to Sans Souci and back - launch from the canoe ramp next to Waikiki Yacht Club (NOT the heliport!) at 10:00 AM. 4 mi. RT [11/D4] Joe Hu 528-3600
advisor(at)aloha.net& Gary Budlong 737-8893
Fri 26
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)
(Nearly) Full Moon and Fireworks Paddle.  Launch at 6:00 pm from the heliport just beyond the Hilton Lagoon (access via the road behind the Ilikai Hotel).  Bring snacks and drinks and some way to illuminate your boat for the paddle back.  White is a good color, or light blue cayalume sticks.  Please, no red or green lights: they confuse the boaters.  2mi. RT [12/D1]. Gary Budlong 737-8893
Sun 28
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
He'eia Kea Pier to Kualoa County Park - Meet at the canoe hale by the entrance to the parking lot (at the canoe hale) at 8:30 for a 9:00AM carpool 5 mi. [37/E2] Please note the super-low tide. Kate Schalk 235-8654
Sun 7
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
Circle Rabbit Island & Black Island (Manana and Kaohikaipu) - Snorkeling and surfing. Be ready to leave Makai Range Pier at 8:30 AM 4 mi. RT [22/E1] Steve Harris 226-2006
Tues 9 Steerage Board (Planning) Meeting - Passamaneck Residence, 950 Koae Street, Honolulu - 6:30 to 8:30pm Nora Passamaneck
(908) 346-4668
Sat 13
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
Sherwood Forest Surf Landing Clinic - Prequalification for the club’s neighbor island trips.  Practice launching and landing Scupper Pro's (or equivalent) touring kayaks in surf conditions. Learn to implement safe procedures, observe conditions early, and practice various techniques.  Meet at Sherwood Forest (Waimanalo State Recreation Area, across from the polo field), 9:00 am. Alan Calhoun 291-5505
Tues 16 Meeting - Location: Paki Hale, 3840 Paki Ave, Honolulu, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Chuck Ehrhorn will have us all guessing about his show called "Pavarotti on Lake Mead" Prez: Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
Sun 21
Paddle Rating: 2+ (Medium hard)
Kahe (Electric Beach) to "Old" Pokai Bay B.P. - Meet at 8:30 AM for a 9:00 carpool 11 mi. [102/C2] Fly GoogleEarth to Electric Beach Ed Rhinelander 497-3981
Sat 27 & Sun 28 Open Ditch Fish Twitch - Fisherpersons get to pick their own favorite spot to paddle in, and any fish caught count toward the PFT score, as long as you've paid your entry fee, and you report your catch within 24 hrs to Norm either by phone or email.   Fishmaster:Norm Chun 247-7610

Here we go again with the

Annual Easter Weekend Frolic

April 2-4

- see here for full details.
Also please be aware there has been a slight bureaucratic change in sign-in procedure, to keep us in compliance with our insurance policies: Any participant or guest who is not a member of the ACA must sign a waiver and pay a $5.00 Event Fee

Fri 2 Arrive Kualoa BP Area 'A' anytime after noon for family camping. See map. Please note: We're in the Large Group Area again this year (big open area makai of the kitchen pavillion), but all of the water activities will take place at the south end of Kualoa Beach Park , in front of the fire circle.
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium) Mokoli'i Full Moon Paddle - Out to Chinaman's Hat by moonlight - Launch at 7:00 PM from the canoe beach. Paul Tibbetts 734-5518

Sat 3 Paddle Rating: 3 Paddle: Kualoa to Kahana at 9:00 AM (Carpool leaves at 8:00 prompt!) OUTSIDE THE REEF - because of very low tides, there will not be an Inside-The-Reef paddle. 8 mi. Tim Sawyer 330-1108
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy) to Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium) ACA Kayaking Skills workshops, 1:30 to about 4:30 PM, assemble at the Big White Tent.) Basic kayaking skills will be taught including kayak safety checklists, kayak survival skills, paddling techniques, and capsize recovery.  Kayakers of all skill levels invited to learn, sharpen or share their kayaking skills.  Bring your own kayak, paddle, shoes or tabis, and life vest.  On land session will be followed by on the water session to Chinaman’s Hat.  Joe Hu 528-3600
John Enomoto 737-9514 john(at)gobananaskayaks.com

Easter Bonfire & Marshmallow Roast, as soon as it's dark, at Kualoa Beach Park

Please note: after some concerned members have mentioned the - perhaps - overly paganistic tenor to the bonfire activities ( the "Chistmas tree" is, after all, derived from pagan tradition), the Char Bros. have decided to change it to a more overtly religious theme: the 15th century Christian rite called the auto-de-fe. To help, if anyone has a suitable effigy for cleansing (ahem, they're thinking political figures here), please drop a line to the webmaster. No flame mail, please. Oooh, did I really say that?

Torch & Scorch, the Fearless Char Bros.

Sun 4 Triple Trouble Races at 9:30 AM (team and relay races!) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - John Enomoto 737-9514
the Easter Egg Chase starts at 10:45 AM - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Joe Hu, et al.
Potluck Barbeque, Easter Bonnet Contest and the Kayak Stuff Auction in the Large Group Pavilion at 12:00 noon - - - and at 1:00 PM, the Prizes! The Prizes! Gary Budlong 737-8893

Sat 10
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)
E-Z-Glider: Lake Wilson - Meet at the Walker Ave. boat ramp at 9:30 for 10:00 am launch (no carpool).  You’ll need a PFD, a “Freshwater Game Fishing License” ($5.00 at any sporting-goods or fishing store) and an “Entry Permit for Wahiawa Public Fishing Area, Oahu” (see below ), plus fishing gear (a bamboo pole will do).  About 6-10 mi RT, depending on route and water level [79/D1]

This is a joke, dude - no tides on a lake!

Aerial photo: 100 KB

Kate Schalk 235-8654
Sun 18
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
Hui Buoy and Breakfast Bonanza. - Kaimana Beach Hotel (Sans Souci) out to the Diamond Head Buoy and back for a hearty (no host) breakfast at the Hau Tree Lanai.  Meet at Sans Souci at 8:30 am for a 9:00 launch.  Bring a change of clothes.  Make breakfast reservations with Gary by April 4.  3 mi. RT [13/E1]. Fly GoogleEarth to Sans Souci Beach Gary Budlong 737-8893
Tues 20

Meeting Location: - Paki Hale, 3840 Paki Ave, Honolulu, 7:00 PM - Presentation: Club member Andy Collins returns from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) with another look at the changes under way in the Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument

Da Prez:
Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
Sat 24
Paddle Rating: 2+ (Medium hard)
Follow The Leader: Maunalua Bay to Kahala, in and out of the surf.  Training in paddling through white water, plus three stops for snorkeling.  Meet by the dumpster in Maunalua Bay Beach Park for an 8:00 am carpool, 9:00 am launch. Life vest and tabis (reef shoes) recommended. 5 mi. [18/D2]. Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180

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* Notes:

When given, map references (i.e. [22/D3] ) are the page number and grid coordinates of the launch point. References are to "Bryan's Sectional Maps of O'ahu", any recent edition.

When tides differ by 2 feet or more, care should be taken while paddling in river mouths and near bay openings (such as Hawaii Kai and Pearl Harbor). Tide chart graphics are for Honolulu Harbor, and are not adjusted - windward-coast tides are approx. 1-1/2 to 2 hrs earlier than Honolulu. If you hover your mouse over the tide graphic, you MIGHT see the times adjusted, to the best of my ability, for the area of the launch (particularly for fishing or other Special Events). White bars on the charts indicate the times that the moon is visible for the Islands. Chart is courtesy Hawaiian Fishing News.
Jellyfish Watches: for some reason beyond the human ken, local box jellyfish have been noted to swarm on the 9th to 11th days after each full moon.

An all-seeing eye indicates that an aerial photo of the area is available. Hover to see file size - some can be rather large. A blue globe will open a view in a Google Earth window, if you have it installed on your computer (you should definitely have it - it's way cool, and it's free). A down-pointing arrow is a jump-link to a different place on the same page; an out-of-the-box arrow will take you to another page on this site; the same icon with a black border will take you off-site.

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Paddle ratings are for average weather and ocean conditions, and are often unscientifically assigned and arbitrary. It is up to each individual to assess the conditions prior to the time of launch in the light of their own experience and ability, and decide whether to go or not. If you decide to go, you must sign the trip roster and read the waiver. No signee, no kayakee. In the event of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA) or higher wind warning*, the Club-sponsored paddle is officially cancelled. Trip leaders should download a copy of the release/waiver by clicking here for a PDF file you can print.

*As broadcast by Radio WBA on UHF weather channels 1 or 2, or announced the night before on commercial television.

"Steerage Board" meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every second month, except where otherwise noted, at the location given in the schedule. These meetings are for the Officers and Advisory Board members to discuss business and decide future activities for the Club, and they are open to any Club member in good standing who has a Club-related issue to be dealt with outside the forum of the General Meetings. Talk to any Club Officer for details, an agenda, or location directions.

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Permits and Conditions for Lake Wilson Use:

4 requirements

Lake Wilson is a privately-owned reservoir in Wahiawa, Central Oahu, that is stocked, maintained and regulated by the State, specifically and exclusively for use by freshwater sport fisherman. As such, there are several, fortunately easy, hoops you must jump through in order to gain access to the water:

  1. 1) You will need a "Freshwater Game Fishing License," issued by the State and available at most fishing-supply and sporting-goods stores like Sports Authority and McCully Bicycle. The cost is $5 for Hawaii residents ($3 for minors under 15), and is good for one year. It is good for fishing in any freshwater location in the State, if you decide to try your luck elsewhere. It is also available online if you don't mind using your credit card.
    Here is a list of the places that sell fishing permits
  2. 2) Lake Wilso Onlyt: You must also have an "Entry Permit For Wahiawa Public Fishing Area, Oahu" also available (free-of-charge) at the above stores. This, for some reason, is not available online.
  3. 3) A fishing pole (Note: we are unofficially told that this one is no longer required)
  4. 4) A life vest

If you leave it to the last minute, you can purchase a fishing permit online directly from the DLNR. You'll need a credit card and a printer, and it will cost you $1 extra per person, but it's instantaneous, and it is good for one year (12 months from date of purchase). You may also be able to pick permits up on your way there at Wahiawa Sporting Goods at 571 California Avenue, if they're open.

Hawaii's Fishing regulations are administered and enforced by the Div. of Aquatic Resources (DAR), a division of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). Their site has links to all the State fishing regs, which you should read at some point...

Note: from the DAR website:

New O‘ahu location for fishing licenses and permits

Effective immediately, commercial and freshwater fishing licenses, along with other aquatic licenses and permits, are being issued at the Division of Aquatic Resources office in Room 330 of the Kalanimoku Building, 1151 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu. Licenses and permits are no longer being issued at the first-floor counters. Hours are 8 am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday, closed on State holidays. Division publications, such as fishing regulation booklets, are available free at the office. The Division's fish posters can also be purchased at the new license counter for the price of $3.


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