2012 Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Calendar of Events

September to December

Parts of this schedule are still being edited. Please check with posted leaders before making plans!!

(updated 7/9/12 )

GREEN is the next scheduled paddle, BLUE is the next Club meeting, YELLOW is a Special Event, GRAY is history
THIS COLOR denotes a Saturday paddle

Unless stated otherwise, all groups should be assembled at the start point by 0900, and launched by 0915 at the latest. Depending on the length of the ride, car poolers should have their boats set up and ready to leave the launch area a half-hour to a full hour before the launch time - call the Trip Leader to find out.
See bottom of calendar for explanation of tides and map references. Click on rating icon for explanation & details.

Event Tides Leader
Sun 1 Kawainui Canal Cleanup - Club kokua project to get some of the floating debris out of the flood-control channel next to the Kawainui Marsh levee. Meet at the Kawainui Community Park at the south end of Kaha Street in Kailua at 9:00 AM. Bring gloves, reefwalkers and sunscreen, maybe a change of clothes for later. We'll be working in the mangroves along both sides of the drainage canal, as well as he middle, for about a half-mile. [27/D1] Fly GoogleEarth to Kaha St Park Kenny Frey 253-905-7901
kennyfrey(at)aol.com \
Rusty Lillico 286-6514
Mon 3
Rating: medium hard
(Labor Day) Roughwater Swim - Volunteers in kayaks needed for swimmers' escorts. Contact Paul in advance with your T-shirt size, and meet at the Hilton Lagoon parking lot (Old Heliport) at 8:00 AM. Paul Tibbetts 734-5518
tibbetts(at)hawaii.rr.com / Kevin Ching 947-4526
Tues 4 Steerage Board (Planning) Meeting - Passamaneck Residence, Kahala (Call for directions) - 7:00pm Exalted Chairperson:
Terry Shimabukuro 672-8377
Sat 15
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)

Turtletown Tour - Kahalu'u canoe hale to the patch reef Fly GoogleEarth to and back. Meet at 10:00 AM at the ramp across the canal from the fishpond, near the Hygenic Store. No carpool. 2-1/2 mi. RT [36/B2] Fly GoogleEarth to Kahalu'u hale

(If wind is down, may be deemed an E-Z Glider)

Chuck Ehrhorn 395-6180
Sat 15 - Sun 16 Open Ditch Fish Twitch - Fisherpersons get to pick their own favorite spot to paddle in, and any fish caught on either or both days count toward the PFT score, as long as you've paid your entry fee, and you report your catch within 24 hrs to Norm either by phone or email. Norm Chun 247-7610
Tues 18 Meeting - Location: Wellspring Covenant Church, 99-900 Iwa'ena St., Halawa Park (Map available here Go to map of Halawa Valley), 7:00 PM - Presentation: Da Prez: Kevin Ching 947-4526
Sat 22
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)
EZ Glider: Keehi Lagoon to Moanalua Gardens: - Meet at "Alan's Ramp" near  the Marine Education and Training Center at 8:00 am for an 8:30 launch.  (Take the Sand Island Access Road and turn right at the first light after the bridge.)  Some may wish to partake of lunch at La Mariana Sailing Club after the paddle. 6 mi RT [5/D4]. Fly GoogleEarth to Alan's Ramp Hunter Johnson 223-1855 hunter808(at)earthlink.net
Sun 30
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)
EZ Glider: Kaiaka Bay and Streams (Pauka'uila and Ki'iki'i) Meet at Mushroom Rock (Kaiaka State Park) at 9:30 for a 10:00 am launch.  Kayakers can paddle lazily on calm water in a historic agricultural district.  The more adventurous can push upstream through grass overgrowth to seldom-visited stretches.  4 mi RT [64/B4]. Fly GoogleEarth to Kaiaka Park Stan Dalbec 422-0612
Sat 6
Rating: 3 plus -  Very advanced (long distance)
The Krazy Kahuna - Mālaekahana to Hale'iwa. An Ironman paddle, for the truly crazy: besides being our longest paddle, it goes around Kahuku Point, which has been known to eat kayaks, on occasion. Pre-qualifying with Rob is required, he'll tell you the secret time and place when you call. 18 mi. [52/C1] Rob Muphy 398-0542

Sat 13
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)

Kahana Bay to Mālaekahana outside the reef - Because conditions along this coast are typically rough, paddlers must pre-qualify with Stan. Optional halfway take-out at Hau'ula B.P.(6-mile point) Carpool leaves Kahana (see map map of Kahana Bay) Stan McCrea 306-6578
Sun 14
Rating: medium hard
Mālaekahana to Waile'e ('China Walls') - Meet at 8:00, carpool at 8:30, launch at 9:00. Could be windy and rough around Kahuku Point. Call Tim in advance. 9 mi. [51/B4] Tim Sawyer 330-1108
Tues 16 Meeting - Also: Nomination of Officers for 2013 Da Prez:
Kevin Ching 947-4526
Sun 21
Paddle Rating: 3 (Advanced)
Ewa Beach to 'Tracks' (Kahe) around Barbers' Point - Carpool leaves Ewa BP at 8::00, launch at 9:00. Join the potluck BBQ at Tracks afterwards (see next entry). 13 mi. [105/E4] Ed Rhinelander 497-3981
Sun 21
Paddle rating: 1 (moderately easy)
EZ Glider: Dolphin Quest II: 'Tracks' to Ko Olina and back - Meet at 'Tracks' beach (1/4 mi. past the power plant - see map Map of Kahe and 'Tracks') for a 10:00 AM launch. Leisurely paddle to Ko Olina. Bring a bow line for snorkeling-stop tie-ups. Greet the Ewa Beach paddlers when they arive. Bring a dish to share for a potluck lunch - there will be a hot grill. 2 mi. R.T. [105/E4] Terry Shimabukuro 672-8377
Sat 27
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
Bellows' Beach to Kailua Boat Ramp, with perhaps a stop at the Plane Wreck and/or the Mokes. A little snorkeling, a little surfing... Carpool will leaver at 8:20 AM sharp 7.5 mi. [26/D4] Matt Isono 735-3624
Tues 1 Camping permits: Volunteers needed to phone-blitz the Parks & Rec ranger for Easter site permits. Rusty Lillico 286-6514
Sun 4      
Tues 6 Yearly Paddle Schedule Planning Meeting - location: Chez Passamaneck, Kahala, 1:00 PM - bring stuff for the barbie!  
Thurs 8 - Tue 13
Paddle Rating: 4 (local but overnight)
Sun 11 Clean the Stream - Kahana Stream brush clearing party: bring kayaks plus saws, shears, machetes, first-aid kits, etc to the Kahana Valley Beach Park mauka parking lot at 10:00 AM. Call George in advance to tell him you're coming - at least six boats are needed to make this work [46/F1] Fly GoogleEarth to Kahana Stream   George Shoemaker 237-8992
Sun 18 Up the Creek - Kahana Stream, from start to finish, with a hike at the top. Contingent upon the successful clearing of the stream the previous week (see 11/20, above); check with George.  If it’s a go, meet at 9:30 AM in the first makai parking lot north of the Kahana Stream Bridge. [46/F1] 2 mi. RT, not counting the hike Fly GoogleEarth to Kahana Stream   George Shoemaker 237-8992
Tues 20 Meeting -
Also: Election of Officers for 2012
Da Prez: TBA
Sun 20
Sun 25      
Sun 2 Weed Out The Wimps   Matt Isono 735-3624
Sun 2 Double Roughwater ?    
Sat 10 & Sun 11 Last Ditch Fish Twitch - Last chance at the Progressive Fishing Tournament trophy. For 2 days, anywhere you choose to fish, on any coast on any island, counts as an official paddle! Honor system rules - call or email Norm with your tally at the end of the day.
Fishmaster: Norm Chun 247-7610
Sat 8
Paddle Rating: 2 (Medium)
Hawaii Kai to Kāhala, along the Gold Coast. Carpool leaves Moanalua Bay Beach Park at 8:00 for a 9:00 AM launch 4 mi. [18/D2] Fly GoogleEarth to Moanalua Bay
(This is is last chance at the PFT title! - see above)
  Rob Muphy 398-0542
Sun 16 Coconut Island ?   Kevin Ching 947-4526
mokuluanui(at)yahoo.com & Cosette Harms 292-7007
Tues 18
Merry Xmas
Annual Club Christmas/Hannukah/Solstice/Winter Break Party, 5:30 PM to 9:00 - Location:
Sun 25 (Christmas Day)    
Sat 31      

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* Notes:

When given, map references (i.e. [22/D3] ) are the page number and grid coordinates of the launch point. References are to "Bryan's Sectional Maps of O'ahu", any recent edition.

When tides differ by 2 feet or more, care should be taken while paddling in river mouths and near bay openings (such as Hawaii Kai and Pearl Harbor). Tide chart graphics are for Honolulu Harbor, and are not adjusted - windward-coast tides are approx. 1-1/2 to 2 hrs earlier than Honolulu. If you hover your mouse over the tide graphic, you MIGHT see the times adjusted, to the best of my ability, for the area of the launch (particularly for fishing or other Special Events). White bars on the charts indicate the times that the moon is visible for the Islands. Chart is courtesy Hawaiian Fishing News.
Jellyfish Watches: for some reason beyond the human ken, local box jellyfish have been noted to swarm on the 9th to 11th days after each full moon.

An all-seeing eye indicates that an aerial photo of the area is available. Hover to see file size - some can be rather large. A blue globe will open a view in a Google Earth window, if you have it installed on your computer (you should definitely have it - it's way cool, and it's free). A down-pointing arrow is a jump-link to a different place on the same page; an out-of-the-box arrow will take you to another page on this site; the same icon with a black border will take you off-site.

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Paddle ratings are for average weather and ocean conditions, and are often unscientifically assigned and arbitrary. It is up to each individual to assess the conditions prior to the time of launch in the light of their own experience and ability, and decide whether to go or not. If you decide to go, you must sign the trip roster and read the waiver. No signee, no kayakee. In the event of a Small Craft Advisory (SCA) or higher wind warning*, the Club-sponsored paddle is officially cancelled. Trip leaders should download a copy of the release/waiver by clicking here for a PDF file you can print.

*As broadcast by Radio WBA on UHF weather channels 1 or 2, or announced the night before on commercial television.

"Steerage Board" meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every second month, except where otherwise noted, at the location given in the schedule. These meetings are for the Officers and Advisory Board members to discuss business and decide future activities for the Club, and they are open to any Club member in good standing who has a Club-related issue to be dealt with outside the forum of the General Meetings. Talk to any Club Officer for details, an agenda, or location directions.

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